IkHa Restaurant
Filmhuis Den Haag 12 may -12 july 2012

This temporary restaurant, ‘IkHa’, is the latest creation of Oatmeal Studio, who were
asked to create a temporary interior for the restaurant based on the the theme ‘Ikea
Hack’ to coincide with the Nordic Film Festival.

IkHa is a dining experience in which the concept of IKEA has been dismantled and
translated into a restaurant interior. It’s not a self-service restaurant in the usual sense
of the word. Instead, visitors are invited to participate and customize their surroundings
while dining.

It´s possible to rent the IkHa restaurant,
please contact us for more details.

FYI- IKEA was not involved in this project.

For more Pictures please visit Oatmeal Studio


foto by Nadine Stijns



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