Daily Pattern Project Expo

Winkelhaak_AnnikaSyrjamaki_6Had a great expo in ‘De Winklehaak” in Antwerp, Belgium.
more pictures on my website

Foto: Nadine Stijns

Daily Pattern Project Expo


Daily Pattern Project Poster


In good company

This nice book just arrived in my mail. Very happy and proud to be featured in this beautiful book designed by Rob van Hoesel for the Textilemuseum in Tilburg. Most of my work was produced there.


Daily Pattern at TEDxFlanders

Last week I had a expo of my Daily Pattern Project at TedxFlanders in the Royal Atheneum in Antwerp. Here some pictures from my show in the gymnasium of this school once founded by Napoleon. Check out the talks at TedxFlanders – I missed most of them, unfortunately, but the one with van Bendegem is a gem.


Daily Pattern Project

For the Daily Pattern project, I printed a newspaper, you can download the presentation here.


Political Party CMYK



pattern based on front page news from different newspapers,
using oogle to determine of a word is considered positive or negative,
then turned in to different colored blocks.
the darker the color the more negative score.

52 weeks

data from one year (2009) of the mayor stock markets in the world transformed into a waffle weave fabric

pixel party

political party